HOW CropTrails WORKS

    Efficient Crop Planning.

  • Input crop calendars.
  • Assign them to farmers and supervisors.
  • Track and verify response of planning.

    Farm Geo Fencing.

  • Capture precise field area using GPS.
  • Improved output estimations.
  • Avoid swindling and ensure accuracy.

    Digitized Farm Visits.

  • Capture farm data in organised manner.
  • Customised forms for visit data input.
  • Easy access to records.
  • Capture data offline in remote areas.
  • Simplified crop tracking with the help of captured images.

    Alerts & Notifications.

  • Task alerts and reminders.
  • Custom notifications.
  • Daily Weather Notifications with simple visuals.

    Harvest & Procurement.

  • Record harvest details precisely.
  • Track your collections on app.
  • Manage procurement pay-out.
  • Reduce procurement cost with better collection planning.

    Analysis & Reports.

  • Insightful dashboard.
  • Simplified stats and reports.
  • Quick data retrieval in filtered formats.
  • Customised reports available.
  • Maintain reports history for improved decision making.